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Douglas-Cherokee's Affordable Housing Program helps provide affordable housing to low-income seniors and families. Its central office is located in Morristown, TN but each apartment complex also staffs Site Managers and Site Maintenance. Some apartment complexes also provide Service Coordinators, who are there to assist the residents with community outreach and resources. 

The Affordable Housing Program is a non-profit management agent for 59 apartment complexes, totaling over 1,559 units in a 24 county area in East and Middle Tennessee.

Most of the apartments we manage are subsidized and tailored for individuals 62 and older, however, we do manage a few family complexes, that are tailored to low-income families in the area.

Our apartments offer rents that are based on income (income limits do apply) and utilities are included at most of our complexes. Appliances are furnished at all our apartments and most apartment complexes have community rooms and laundry rooms available. Small pets are welcome at most locations, with a pet deposit.  

Most of our apartments are on ground-floor level and some apartments are designed specifically for individuals with mobility, hearing, or visual impairments. 

All of our apartments are Smoke-Free as of May 1, 2018!

(Smoking is permitted 25 feet away from any building, but is prohibited inside any apartment or community area.) 

Our apartments provide a safe and happy environment for developing new friendships and maintaining independence. They have the atmosphere needed to live life fully and are designed to enjoy all aspects of life. While living at one of our complexes, residents are provided with the opportunity to do things on their own, while at the same time becoming part of a community of neighbors that interact and do things together.

The Site Managers help organize gatherings in which residents have covered-dish dinners, game nights, and many other activities. Families and friends are always welcome!

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