Positions Available

Apartment Management Specialist 

Park Place & Annex : Cleveland, TN
Brookvale Garden & Walnut Creek : Etowah & Benton, TN
Cherry Hill : Spring City, TN
Woodrige & Annex: Greeneville, TN

Details regarding the positions and how to apply are listed below. 
(Revised August 2022)

Position Summary: Oversees all aspects of apartment complex such as maintenance, assisting possible new tenants and current tenants, maintain required paperwork and collects rent.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Maintains facility in a clean and safe condition, ensures that all repairs are completed as needed, grounds are maintained and facilities are secure.

  • Completes and maintains appropriate paperwork and files on tenants, including rent collections charts and purchasing accounts.

  • Maintains confidentiality of tenant and complex records.

  • Assists all who wish to apply for tenancy at a complex.

  • Ensures that facility is in full compliance with all federal, state and local ordinances, regulations and codes.

  • Actively communicates with all tenants and provides a minimum amount of assistance to make sure they are maintaining normal health habits.

  • Assists residents with referrals for social services as needed. 

  • Collects, records and deposits rent and security deposit money according to Agency financial procedures.

  • Completes appropriate paperwork for residents’ move-ins, move-outs, and recertification.

  • Prepares work orders for maintenance on a regular basis and in preparation for REAC inspections or management reviews.

  • Works with Central Office staff in marketing efforts and in submitting required monthly reports.

  • Conducts apartment inspections twice each year to include plumbing inspection, checks smoke alarms, refrigerator coils and ovens for overall cleanliness and workability.

  • Walks through property each week to check for needed repairs.

  • Cleans, sweeps, mops and empties trash in office and community areas.

  • Changes return air filters on a regular basis and light bulbs as needed. 

  • Accompanies pest control or other contracted service workers as needed. 



  • High School diploma or GED required. Associates degree preferred.


Experience and Skills Requirements:

  • One-year previous work experience with apartment management procedures and systems.

  • Computer literacy, including strong word processing, spreadsheet and internet skills.

  • Ability to work with program software.

  • Ability to deal tactfully with the public, tenants and co-workers, and to exercise good judgement in evaluating situations and making decisions.

To Apply Send resume & application to:

DCEA Human Resources

 Attn: Apartment Mgmt Specialist

 P.O. Box 1218

 Morristown, TN 37816